Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Propulsion Via Series of Controlled Explosions

Electricity seems scary or dangerous to many people - but how about the alternative, the internal combustion engine, which is the subject of this hysterical piece from The Onion? Here's an excerpt:

"A sofa-on-wheels with an eight-cylinder engine containing a functioning camshaft that activates its valves in perfect synchronicity with its pistons sounds exactly like something an underachieving third-grader would slap together the night before the school science fair. So you figured out a way to convert a relatively small amount of an easily accessible combustible via the four-stroke cycle into an enormous amount of energy capable of propelling a two-ton chassis from zero to 60 in under a minute? Yeah? And?"

Do yourself a favor and check it out in its entirety - it'll put you in a great mood to start this last day before America's birthday tomorrow!

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